We Lease Domain Names

We understand that the premium purchase price of a great domain name can delay the launching of your new idea, and thus fundamentally impact your ability to generate revenues and succeed. To reduce the upfront capital requirement, you can opt to finance or lease/rent any of our domains.

Domain Name Leasing

Domain name leasing represents a very low barrier to entry, so that you can start using a high quality domain name for your business or new idea straight away. Think of leasing a domain in the same way you would leasing a car, or renting a flat. Under a standard lease/rental agreement, your payments don't buy you any ownership/equity in the domain name.

All of our domain leases include a right to purchase (RTP), giving the leasee (you), the exclusive right to purchase the domain. The RTP price is agreed upon at the beginning of your lease, and can be exercised at any point during the lease. Upon payment of the RTP, we transfer full ownership and rights over the domain name to you, and terminate your lease agreement. Our lease terms are flexible, with a minimum term of 6 months, and a maximum term of 3 years. The RTP price will increment by 5% every 12 months under the lease agreement.

The monthly lease/rental fee will depend on the value of the domain itself, starting from just £20.00 per month on some domains. We charge an administrative fee of £50.00 at the inception of any domain lease, to cover the processing of the legal contracts required.

We typically find that customers leasing domains from us, exercise their right to purchase within the first 12 months of the lease. They've been able to levereage and benefit from the value of the domain for themselves, and opt to purchase it outright. This is also our preference, as we'd rather see names in the hands of end users, adding commercial value to their businesses.

We retain ownership of the leased name, unless the leasee opts to exercise their right to purchase. We maintain the domain by paying any renewal charges, keeping it registered and active, while the leasing agreement is in place.

Payment Plans

Payment plans are relatively straight forward. Once we've agreed on a purchase price, you can opt to make monthly payments, until the domain has been paid in full. Upon receipt of your final payment, we transfer ownership of the domain over to you. Payment plans are offered interest free in most cases, depending on the repayment length, and the underlying value of the domain name.

  • Interest Free Finance Example
  • Agreed purchase price£1500.00
  • Arrangement fee (8%)£120.00
  • 12x monthly payments (0% APR)£125.00
  • Total payable£1620.00
  • 8% APR Finance Example
  • Agreed purchase price£1500.00
  • Arrangement fee (8%)£120.00
  • 24x monthly payments (8% APR)£67.84
  • Total payable£1748.16

In the above example, for just £67.84/month you could quickly start leveraging the value of a premium domain for your business.

Once the payment of the arrangement fee, and first month have been received, we change the name servers on the domain name to those you specify, so that you can start using the domain as quickly as possible.

We retain all ownership of the domain name, until the payment plan has been fully satisfied.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.