We Manage Portfolios

Over the years, we've developed our own in-house tools to manage our large estate of domain names. The development of our own system was driven mainly by a gap in the market for a comprehensive, and self hosted domain management system.

We are constantly adding new functionality to our portfolio manager, and further down the line will look to offer this tool to the wider marketplace.

Our system allows us to manage;

  • Domain registration/renewal dates
  • Detect changes in the WHOIS records
  • Manage registrations across multiple registrars
  • Present a true cost of renewal across the portfolio (and multiple registrars)
  • Track and record opportunities on names (CRM functions)
  • Display dynamically generated landing pages across all of our names
  • Serve tailored ads from our own ad network, across all (or some) of our landing pages
  • Integrate valuation indicators
  • Marketplace integration and tracking

We're looking to work with a handful of portfolio owners (100+ domains), to further develop the functionality within our management software.

Please get in touch, if you're a portfolio owner, looking for a better way to manage and track your domains.