We Buy & Sell Domains

Buying and selling great domain names is at the very heart of what we do at Domaintial. We actively grow and market our own portfolio of names, this forms the largest part of our sales inventory.

Our team identify and secure domains from a large number of sources, ranging from manual hand registrations, various expiring name services, as well as scouring hundreds of auction sites and after markets to source the best names. This is very time consuming work, requiring a highly skilled eye to pick out the best and marketable names. We've built a number of bespoke in-house tools to help us in this process - but theres no automation of the human element, the creative spark.

Our end user outreach is on a name by name, opportunity by opportunity basis. Pitching each name in a targeted way, thus ensuring quality, is critical to our success. We carefully profile, and identify relevant opportunities for each name, before contacting an end user. Our in-house tools allow us to search across a wide variety of data-sets quickly, ensuring that we identify and target quality, rather than quantity. We don't simply spam based on you owning a similar name - if one of our team has contacted you about a name in our portfolio, then we truly believe the name will add commercial value to you or your business.

We've built our business on a steady flow of sales, month in month out, with sales transaction values typically ranging from £800 to £5000 per name. Although its always nice to close a "headline making" sale in the 5-6 figure range, we believe that we can deliver greater value to our clients by providing a steady and reliable source of affordable, high quality domain names.

We are real people, experienced in building and scaling businesses, and would rather see a name in use, delivering a real world commercial return to a clients business, than holding out for the "headline making" offers.

We are happy to negotiate, and offer domain leasing and purchase plan options, to ensure the greatest level of win/win for everyone involved.

If youre looking for some impartial advise, or simply want to bounce ideas around, please get in touch.